1) anat. zool. the terminal, prehensile part of the arm in humans and higher primates, consisting of the wrist, metacarpals, fingers, and thumb
2) anat. zool. the corresponding part of the forelimb in any four-legged vertebrate
3) zool. a terminal prehensile part, as the chela of a crustacean, or, in falconry, the foot of a falcon
4) something resembling a hand in shape or function:
the hands of a clock[/ex]
5) pri
index 5)
6) cv a person employed in manual labor or for general duty:
a ranch hand[/ex]
7) a person with great skill in or knowledge of something, esp. through long experience:
an old hand at fund-raising[/ex]
8) a person with reference to an ability or skill:
a poor hand at running a business[/ex]
9) skill; workmanship; characteristic touch:
The painting shows a master's hand[/ex]
10) Often, hands. possession or power; control, custody, or care:
My fate is in your hands[/ex]
11) a position, esp. one of control, used for bargaining, negotiating, etc
12) means; agency; instrumentality:
death by his own hand[/ex]
13) assistance; aid:
Give me a hand with this ladder[/ex]
14) side; direction:
no traffic on either hand of the road[/ex]
15) style of handwriting; penmanship
16) a person's signature:
to set one's hand to a document[/ex]
17) a round or outburst of applause for a performer
18) a promise or pledge, esp. in marriage
19) wam a linear measure equal to 4 inches (10.2 centimeters), used esp. in determining the height of horses
20) gam Cards.
a) the cards dealt to or held by each player at one time
b) the person holding the cards
c) a single part of a game, in which all the cards dealt at one time are played
21) a bunch, cluster, or bundle of leaves, fruit, or the like
22) mac the deviation of a thread or tooth from the axial direction of a screw or gear, as seen from one end looking away toward the other
23) tex the properties of a fabric that can be sensed by touching it, as resilience and smoothness
24) to deliver or pass with or as if with the hand
25) to help, assist, guide, etc., with the hand
26) to give or provide with:
That handed me a laugh[/ex]
27) phv hand down
a) to deliver (the decision of a court)
b) to transmit, esp. to a succeeding generation
28) phv hand in, to submit; present for acceptance
29) phv+spo hand off, Football. to hand the ball to a member of one's team in the course of a play
30) phv hand on, to transmit; pass on to a successor, posterity, etc
31) phv hand out, to give or distribute; pass out
32) phv hand over
to deliver to another; surrender control of
33) of, belonging to, using, or used by the hand
34) made by hand
35) carried in or worn on the hand
36) operated by hand; manual
Etymology: bef. 900; ME, OE, c. OS hand, OHG hant, ON hǫnd, Go handus

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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